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Hi there!

Well, I am Charlotte, and I’m a model horse tack maker.

I make tack for traditionals (scale 1:9), for classics (1:12) and for pebbles sized horses. I make all kind of types of tack, like English tack, western tack, Portuguese tack… In fact, when I’ve got enough reference for a set, I can make it almost anything!

My tack is made of a very fine quality of leather,  with very nice hardware. Most of the hardware I can make myself, but I do like to use hardware from  Rio Rondo and sulsery saddlary, seeing that it makes the tack most of the time just a bit nicer, and easier to

handle. The leather I use comes also from Rio Rondo, and I do like to dye leather to give my tack a colour. But, when specially requested, I can try to get factory painted leather, to make sure the leather won’t “bleed” on your model (because, when you leave a tack on a horse for a couple of days, there is a small posibility that it will affect the paintjob of the horse).

If you want to see some of the tack I’ve made, just go to my showroom. There you’ll find a lot of pictures of my tack!

And if you would like to order anything, just go to contact and send me a mail! I’ll be happy to answer you as soon as I can, and I can send you my pricelist. Of course, if you would like to ask me something else, you also can contact me.

Oh,  If you want to know: I do trades. I especially like to trade against nice resins or paintjobs from good painters. But if you’ve got other things to offer, please let me know. It’s always worth trying!

 Follow me on facebook! https://www.facebook.com/CharArt1

Chester and my Portuguese set, hihi.

Geplaatst op 09/10/2011 door charart

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